A city game is a fun way for all ages to discover a city. Antwerp City Games makes walks with an interesting theme that take you through the city. Along the way you solve riddles and get to know all kinds of fun facts and stories.

Fashion in Antwerp

This city game about fashion in Antwerp lets you discover the history of fashion and clothing throughout the fashion city.

There are two ways to play the city game.
Or you choose ‘print’, where you will receive the PDF by email after payment.
You can print this and leave the same day.
Do you wish to deliver the city game as a gift or do not want to print it at home,
you can choose the ‘paper’ version.
You will receive the pages printed in beautiful packaging by post.


Download the PDF, print it at home and start the search in Antwerp.

7,5 euro


Order the city game, receive it at home and start the search in Antwerp.

soon available

Winter in Antwerp

Soon available.

Winters Antwerpen - Antwerp City Games - digitaal spel via pdf
Antwerp City Games - stadsspel + Steen Antwerpen

The perfect way to get to know Antwerp within a few hours.”

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